chdir solution and more questions

Becki.Kain at Becki.Kain at
Thu Feb 3 22:26:00 GMT 2000

hello folks:  I figured out and would like to share with others the
solution to the problem of when I wanted to run swat, I got the following
cannot chdir/400 error

the solution was to recompile and change every file, not just the configure
 file, to not use a prefix of /usr/local, since I installed my files in the
of /mnt1.

next question, I can mount, from nt, the solaris samba directory, but I
have to use the ip address,  I can ping the machine, by just hostname, not
 just fine.  What else do I need on the nt pc to see the server by it's
server name?

do I need to manually add, if I want to use encrypted "over the wire"
passwords, every entry in the /etc/passwd file to the smbpasswd file or
is there a conversion program.  I couldn't find anything in the archives,
but I must not have looked hard enough :-(


becki kain, gale group

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