Passwords issues with samba 2.0.6

Ricardo Stella stella at
Thu Feb 3 17:18:20 GMT 2000

In my pursuit of integrating samba password authentication with our own
stuff, I've been looking at ways on synchronizing the two.  And here are
the two problems for which I hope to get either solution:

a) smbpasswd will not pass down spaces to whatever is called for
synchronization.  Barely looking at the synchronization routine, it
scans as a string, which would skip anything after a space.  If
smbpasswd is used without synchronization, it takes passwords with
spaces without problems.  I guess the whole section would need to be
rewritten ?  

BTW, adjusting password chat doesn't help (at least under Solaris).  If
I include any quotes (single or double) it passes them down...

b) Taking another approach, that is writing my own script that calls
smbpasswd, I have another problem.  It will not accept parameters
(old/new passwords) passed down via redirection (ie 'smbpasswd <
pass.txt' where pass.txt includes the old and the new one twice).  Is
there any other way to accomplish this ?  I'm doing this via a web
interface, and would need to pass this down to the program, in a similar
way that SWAT does it...

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