" No domain server available" in RAS

Edward Schernau ed at schernau.com
Thu Feb 3 16:47:40 GMT 2000

I've got a Linux 2.2.13 server running Samba 2.0.6 in security=DOMAIN
mode.  I've added it to the domain, local browsing works wonderfully.
It also provides DHCP and WINS (via Samba), and DHCP is configured
to hand out the address of the WINS server (which it does).

When my 95 and 98 clients RAS into our NT 3.51 PDC, however, they
get the dreaded "No domain server is available" message, although
I've had reports that if you click Cancel, and try the password
again, THEN it works (logon script, etc.)

This happened only since I moved WINS and DHCP to the Linux/Samba
box.  Any ideas?  The DC _is_ registering correctly with Samba/nmbd,
it gets the 1B and 1C netbios names, the Linux/Samba box is
getting the 1D name.  Samba SHOULD return the value of the <DOMAIN>1C
name, and clients should log on, but they can't.

But only via RAS, LAN clients have been fine all along.

Any ideas??
Edward Schernau			http://www.schernau.com
Network Architect		mailto:ed at schernau.com
Rational Computing		Providence, RI, USA

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