not listening

Clarence Brown clabrown at
Thu Feb 3 16:02:13 GMT 2000

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I got swat running, and looked at the config file that way. This seemed to
correct some of the not listening problems. Next I manually edited the
smb.conf, to what you suggested, -HUP'ed inetd, and the not listening
problem was "solved".

Next, and this is where it gets WIERD... I put back my old simple test
smb.conf that was giving me the "not listening" problem. However, it had no
not listening problem anymore. I'm pretty sure I didn't change anything
else, the problem just went away?? Now I can't duplicate it??

Next step, I want to integrated samba into the existing NT Domain... Even
though samba's workgroup  = SAMBATEST, it shows up in network neighborhood
in my NT Domain "DOMAIN" on both the NT workstations and Win98 workstations.
Is this because I added SAMBA01 using Server Manager on the PDC, even though
workgroup / domain is different?

Currently I've added the passwords directly to samba using smbpasswd.
Theoretically I should be able to use the NT PDC to authenticate the
passwords, and only maintain them one place right? Can I erase the passwords
on the samba box somehow, verify they're gone by failing a login, then point
samba to the PDC for passwords and verify it works by logging in using the
PCD to verify the user?

Sorry, I realize some of these questions probably relate more to MS
PDC/Backup PDC, but the samba box will be my 1st backup PDC.

Thanks, Cla.

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