Jan Selke Jan.Selke at
Thu Feb 3 15:30:44 GMT 2000

Dear Samba-team,

Since last year we've got SAMBA running here at the University of
Vechta on an Origin 200 running Irix6.5.
We want SAMBA to act as a trusted domain server for an
NT-PDC with 20 NT Workstations. Unfortunately no trust-relationships are
currently implemented- nontheless it's on your to-do-list.
We have been experimenting with samba 2. and a windows NT 4.0 server (SP4)
but came to no satisfying results. We almost did it but every logon we
got the message that no server-profile could be found though the 
system had access to the server profile and did use it. Except from this 
... message everything worked fine.

So actually we're interested in any news or progress and would offer you 
to participate as test environment.
If you are interested please contact me per e-mail for further details.

Jan C. Selke

Jan Christian Selke
Grosse Str. 1
D-49377 Vechta
Phone: +49 4441 851237
mail : Jan.Selke at Uni-Vechta.DE

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