No more Samba for me

Ricardo Stella stella at
Wed Feb 2 18:15:39 GMT 2000

Go ahead, but don't come back complaining... :)

Seriously, Samba is not turn key... Requires you to have many hours
under the hood and acutally a good understanding of the OS you are
working with.

Just getting an RPM is not the way to do it...

You should look at other vendors for ready made solutions... Sun has
their own version which is free with server products now.  Sorry, not
for Intel though...  But if you will be throwing out money out the
window, take a look at what they have to offer.  Note that educational
prices are very good with Sun.

Good luck...

Happy Hacker wrote:
> I give up.  I'm going to run NT instead of Samba.  It all started out as a
> nice idea.  Save a school a few thousand dollars they'd pay Microsoft
> and put Linux/Samba up instead of a new NT server.  Well, I've tried,
> I've read your bugs, I've done as much as I can.... and I'm going to give
> in and run NT.
> I can run an install program on 30 computers off my shared Samba
> drives so it isn't like I didn't get very far.  I can do multiple drives, have
> many programs run.  But the persistent bugs that applications display
> on Samba drives are just too much hassle to support.  Perhaps there is
> a winning solution and a way to set it up, but the documentation on the
> samba site is just lame.  There is no solid example of the best way to
> use the parameters together to form a solid system.  The email system
> on the web returns responses not to use the email system on the web.
> The newsgroup here didn't even give me on response to my question.
> The other people out there seem to be getting similar but different errors.
> I wish it was a workable solution.  I wish I wasn't going to throw
> thousands more dollars at Microsoft.  I wish I could tell other schools
> that Samba worked.  But it doesn't, at least not without a lot of support,
> poking, prodding, and hand holding.
> The latest error is that students who are using a program they loaded off
> the shared drive suddenly can't see the shared drive during opening a
> file and they get an error.  But a minute later the drive is there for them
> again.  Along with this error, the server logs PAM_pwdb authentication
> error for that student. But... the student was using the system already
> and was logged in.  Maybe its not even samba for THIS error.  But
> Samba 2.0.3 started thousands of processes which killed the server.
> Samba 2.0.6 fixed this situation and runs fine for some programs but
> not for others.  I've tried op_locks=yes (and no).
> Just thought I'd let you know a place where samba was a failure so in
> the future you can think about better ways to reach the people who want
> to use it.  Tomorrow I go and install NT.
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