ERROR: can't get smbw shared lock (Bad file number)

Till Eisele till at
Wed Feb 2 15:33:11 GMT 2000


I'm using samba in 2.0.6 in an IRIX 6.5.5 environnement. Everything is
working fine.

I definetly need to access NT server's files (the reverse approach). I'd
love to have ability to use smbfs and/or smbmount, but since these are only
released on Linux, and following the attached message advices , I'm trying
to resolve my need with smbsh.

I remain getting the error message "ERROR: can't get smbw shared lock (Bad
file number)".

1/ Does some one have any clue or already knows what this is about ?

I first tried to look for mailing list archive, apparently there were
already some mails addressing this question, but my browser seems to be
unable to display thoses specific pages (?).

2/ Is there somehow a better solution than smbsh since I need full sharing
Smbmount would (imho) be the right one. Will it be ported on other UNIX
plateform once ?

Many thanks for any feedback.

Till Eisele.
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