Stuck with Test 3 of Diagnosis... Please Help..

Leonardo Lagos llagos at
Wed Feb 2 16:59:46 GMT 2000

Hello everybody,

I need your advice with the following:

I've just installed RedHat Linux 6.1, and configured Samba 2.0.5a.

This is not my first time installing samba; I've installed it several times
before, always on Linux, so I decided to configure it out of the box, so my
scenario is:

+ On the Linux side, I can mount a NT share using smbmount, and copy files.
No problems.
+ On the NT side, I can see the linux server on the network neighborhood,
although I can't browse it... i.e., I can't double click on it (I got a
"semaphore timeout" error).

Since I need also access to the linux shares, I went over Diagnosis.TXT, and
begun step by step:

T1: testparm: OK.
T2: ping: OK.
T3: I'm getting the following error:

# smbclient -L myserver
session request to MYSERVER failed
session request to *MYSERVER failed

# smbclient -L myNTclient -N
==> I get info from the NT, although the list of shares is empty, which is
wrong, because there is some public shares on the NT.

# smbclient -L myNTclient -U llagos
==> I get the same previous info from the NT, plus the complete list of
shares (admin$, ipc$, etc.).

My actual smb.conf looks like:
# hosts deny = ALL
hosts allow = 192.168.101. 127.
dns proxy = no
name resolve order = hosts
password level = 0

Machines are in a separated and isolated network; hence, no dns server.

I'm not using "bind interfaces only" (i.e., NO, in testparm).

If You notice I'm doing something wrong, please let me know...

Any help, hint, advice, etc., will be very welcome.

Best regards,


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