Win2K and Samba

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Feb 2 11:21:12 GMT 2000

[Keith G. Murphy]
> I think I finally understand, after your message and rereading
> (1) Samba never sees a cleartext password coming from a Windows box

Not when you log in, no.  (See below.)

> (2) It sees the hashed password, but can't store this in /etc/passwd,
> because a different hashing scheme is used than what Unix/Linux uses.


> (3) So it has to keep it in smbpasswd, necessitating keeping stuff in
> sync.


> Only thing I see that would integrate the two would be Samba entering
> the thing into passwd (maybe an extra field?) and Unix login being
> able to deal with the Windows hashing scheme.  Wonder if anyone's
> worked on that?

Remember the `unix password sync' smb.conf option.  When the user on
the 'doze box wants to *change* his password, I think what gets sent
over the wire is the new password hashed by some sort of shared secret,
so Samba can derive cleartext at this point.  Thus Samba can run
/bin/passwd (or /usr/bin/yppasswd or whatever) and update the Unix
password file at the same time as the smbpasswd file.

To make this solution complete, though, it would have to be symmetric,
i.e. /bin/passwd or /usr/sbin/rpc.yppasswdd would have to include a
similar hook, so that when a luser changes his password from Unix it
propagages to the smbpasswd file as well.  I don't know if *this* has
been done or not, although one can imagine that the replacements would
not be hard to write.  Note also that you need to avoid hook loops....


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