Win2K and Samba

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Tue Feb 1 00:17:15 GMT 2000

"M.Sapsed" wrote:
> "Keith G. Murphy" wrote:
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> > Tim.Brennan at wrote:
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> > > Does anyone know the equivelant registry path to set plain text passwords?
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> > There's a question I have whenever this comes up: why not just enable
> > encryption on the Samba server side?  What have I missed?
> It's the small matter of converting 14,000 unix passwords to smb ones plus
> keeping them sync'ed subsequently that's stopping us!

Yep.  That's the problem with using an smbpasswd file.  But if you're
not going to encrypt passwords over the wire, what's the point in
having passwords at all?  That's why I use our local NT domain to
authenticate Samba users.  This is a little-used configuration, judging
from its coverage in the documentation and the frequent talk about
how to turn password encryption off.  Am I missing something?  Other
than the obvious problems with NT, is there something wrong with
authenticating Samba users to the PDC?

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