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Jeff.Myers at Jeff.Myers at
Thu Aug 31 23:32:23 GMT 2000

Howdy everyone,

I'm new to this list and new to Samba (although others at my company have
experience with it).  Anyway, I'm sure this has come up many times in the
past but I have several Netware servers that people at remote sites need
access to.  The clients are Windows 95/98/NT, they all connect to their own
NT domain (one domain per site), and they do NOT want to install the Novell

I know there was a release of 1.9.14 or something like that that was ported
to Netware back in '96.  I have not been able to locate a newer version
since then.  It "appears" that this version did not support domains.  What
I would like to do is have my Netware servers participate in the domain as
a member server, or at the very least, a BDC in my local NT domain.  I want
to be able to control access to these shares/directories via NT accounts
and groups, if possible.

Anyone know how to make this work with this older version?  How about a new
version?  If neither will work, does anyone know of another solution of
gateway product (other than Microsoft's gateway services).

FYI - We are running Netware 5.1 and NT 4.0 as our domain servers (no
Windows 2000 servers yet).

Thanks a bunch!

Jeff Myers
RadiSys Corporation

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