naughton at naughton at
Thu Aug 31 20:27:12 GMT 2000


I have had success with novell mapped to samba.  I have the shares mount
under /mnt as -U butthead -P passwd.  The shares in /mnt show up as 775
access under user in the user's group.  I use one user/passwd combo for
everyone which is not great.  I would like to set up a prexec script to
mount each share by the logon user from samba, but I haven't found a way to
sync the passwords.  Novell is setup to time out the passwords.

I have the share set as

        comment = Cadfiles Shareon novell
        path = /mnt/novell/share/folder
        read only = No

It works fine when the novell mount is not broken.  I've had trouble with
the IPX interface, but it works.  If you have any specific questions,
please let me know.  Regards

Dan Naughton

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