Cannot use SWAT from ROOT account

Keith Mullen Keith.Mullen at
Thu Aug 31 19:14:15 GMT 2000

I've been trying to find someone who can solve this problem.  Unfortunately without any luck.  Maybe someone on this site can help, here goes.   I'm running TRU64 UNIX version 5.0a on my Alphaserver with Samba 2.07.  When i try to access SWAT i am unable to login with the ROOT account.  If i login with my own privileged account I am successful, but i only receive the basis 4 options for the screen, (i can't create shares etc).   I am not using shadowed passwords, i am however using encrypted passwords.  The root account has an smbpasswd with the same as the /etc/passwd file.  My understanding is that SWAT makes use of the ETC/PASSWD file regardless ( i read this on the developer website).  Has anyone encountered this problem.  All file protections are correct in nature.

Keith Mullen

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