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Thu Aug 31 17:09:44 GMT 2000

When you use ncpmount you need to add a -f 0777 -d 0777 to give all rights to any
users on the system to that filesystem.  So, for example, if you mount a netware
volume called vol1 on server1 you would do something like this:

ncpmount -S server1 -U username -P netwarepassword -f 0777 -d 0777 -u unixowner
-g unixownergroup /mnt/netware

This would mount netware volume vol1 on server server1 loging into the netware
server with a username of username and a password of netwarepassword to the linux
path /mnt/netware.  The /mnt/netware directory and all subdirectories would have
0777 permisions as would all of the files, and everything would be owned by
unixowner with a group ownership of unixownergroup.  This of course doesn't
change the actual netware rights, but it sets the unix rights and ownership for
the mounted filesystem.

I hoped this helped.

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Dmitry Nosakin wrote:

> Hello samba-bugs,
>   I trying to share by samba(2.0.3) allready maped novell directory
>   (maped by ncpmount):
>  ncpmount -S CAPITAL -U butthead -P 12345 /tmp/samba/novell
>  smb.conf:
> [form618]
>         comment = none
>         writeable = Yes
>         path = /tmp/samba/novell/bank/BANK/618_PO
>         read only = No
>         create mask = 0666
>         guest ok = Yes
>   But windows9x-clients may only read files from this share, can't
>   write (access denied) :(
>   With other (local, with same settings) shared directories all OK - users can
>   read/write..
> --
> Best regards,
>  Dmitry                         mailto:dn at

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