User level vs. Share level

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Aug 31 16:15:26 GMT 2000

Tim James wrote:
> I wonder if you could tell me or point me in the direction 
> of a document that would explain the differences between 
> user level and share level security and explain the 
> advantages and disadvantages of each one.  Especially reasons for
> using user mode over share mode.


I could also recommend Teach Yourself Samba in 24 hours" 
which is supposed ot be available on-line at
Don't have an exact URL as I haven't check it out recently.

The basic difference is that share level only uses a password
to authenticate a connection while user-level utilizes both
a username and proof of identity (trasnmitted in the 
SMBsessetup&X request).  The user-level is more intuitive
for UNIX users I think.  Although Samba still users utilizes 
a username and password for authentication (even in share-level).

I think there is also a security_level.txt file included in 
the docs/ directory of the Samba distribution.

Cheers, jerry
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