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Onno Zweers onno at verweij.com
Thu Aug 31 08:13:23 GMT 2000

At 09:10 31-8-00 +0200, DAGNICOURT Sebastien - NTR wrote:

>I try to exectute a command on my NT server from my unix server with the
>following command :
>smbclient \\\\monnet01\\C$ -U admin_nan -c "help.exe"

I'm confused here. Do you want to run help.exe? I don't think you can start 
it on the NT server using samba from the Unix machine. help.exe is an 
interactive program and should probably be started on the NT server itself. 
Samba is not meant for running commands on remote machines.

However, if you want to copy something from NT server to Unix server, you 
can use this command on the Unix server (on one line):
     smbclient //ntserver/c$
         -U onno%myntpassword
         -c 'get "nt folder name\filename.txt" /home/onno/unixfilename.txt'

I use the "" because the path contains spaces.

With unix command "man smbclient" you can find more details about the -c 
parameter and the commands you can use with it.

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