[Linux] Samba as Wins Server and Domain Controller

Tom Schaefer unixtom at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 30 19:13:03 GMT 2000

As much as I love Samba, OpenSores, Linux and apple pie, setting Samba as an 
NT domain controller used to be a bit of a hack that required a lot of shoe 
horning, and a lot of reading, and experimentation.

Get the books, sign up for the support email list and be prepared for a 
bumpy ride.

The problem is that certain things *should* work a certain way, but such is 
not always the case and you may do everything by the book and it doesn't 
work as expected.

If the Samba code has been fixed, then maybe it's been upgraded to set it up 
easier - that's the biggest hassle.

Other than setup, everything I've read is that it works great. I have been 
using Samba servers as NT replacements since about 1993 and I think that it 
is one of the Linux solutions' greatest strengths. It's just the config that 

Hopefully it's better than it was.


>From: Gerry Maddock <gerrym at futuremetals.com>
>What do you think works better: An NT Domain Controller and Wins Server, or 
>Samba ?????
>     What I'm actually looking into this is for storing Winblows profiles
>on one server, browsing routed networks, etc...

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