Samba as Wins Server and Domain Controller

Gerry Maddock gerrym at
Wed Aug 30 20:12:36 GMT 2000

    I currently have had Samba running on our network as a file and
print server and have had no major problems at all. I know Samba is
capable of becoming a Wins Server and a Domain controller. I was looking
into this, and was wondering who else is running Samba in this
configuration. If you are running it in this configuration:
How do you like it: ( does it run well, what are the pros and cons of
it, any hardware issues such as RAM, disk space per user, any changes to
the speed of the network, etc..)???
I know it's Linux and probably prefers Linux to Winblows, as I do, but
What do you think works better: An NT Domain Controller and Wins Server,
or Samba ?????
    What I'm actually looking into this is for storing Winblows profiles
on one server, browsing routed networks, etc...

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