smbd problems

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Wed Aug 30 14:14:48 GMT 2000


I have problems starting smbd.

As i try to start samba with "smb start" only the nmbd is started. (I
checked this via ps)

Here's the log.smb - I don't understand it...

[2000/08/30 14:30:04, 1] smbd/server.c:main(643)
  smbd version 2.0.6 started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1992-1998
[2000/08/30 14:30:04, 1] smbd/files.c:file_init(216)
  file_init: Information only: requested 10000 open files, 1014 are available.
[2000/08/30 14:30:04, 0] locking/shmem_sysv.c:sysv_shm_open(566)
  Can't create or use semaphore [1]. Error was Function not implemented
[2000/08/30 14:30:04, 0] locking/locking.c:locking_init(174)
  ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes

The system is SuSE 6.4 with the original distribution's samba.rpm. The
computer works as a firewall and router with ISDN in a small LAN. I
thougt, that perhaps the ipchains causes the failure, but they don't. (I
changed all chains to accept everything...)
The files /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf should be right.
The smbd should be started as a daemon.

I have done the tests describes in DIAGNOSIS.txt, but - of course -
smbclient -L BIGSERVER failed.

The interesting thing is, that another computer in the LAN with the
same SuSE 6.4 has no problems with starting samba with the same
smb.conf. It's the untouched distribution's one. I attach it...

Does anybody have an idea?


-----  smb.conf

; /etc/smb.conf
; Copyright (c) 1999 SuSE GmbH Nuernberg, Germany.
   workgroup = arbeitsgruppe
   guest account = nobody
   keep alive = 30
   os level = 2
   kernel oplocks = false
   security = user

; Uncomment the following, if you want to use an existing
; NT-Server to authenticate users, but don't forget that
; you also have to create them locally!!!
;  security = server
;  password server =
;  encrypt passwords = yes

   printing = bsd
   printcap name = /etc/printcap
   load printers = yes

   socket options = TCP_NODELAY

   map to guest = Bad User

; Uncomment this, if you want to integrate your server
; into an existing net e.g. with NT-WS to prevent nettraffic
;  local master = no   

; Please uncomment the following entry and replace the 
; ip number and netmask with the correct numbers for
; your ethernet interface.
;   interfaces =
; If you want Samba to act as a wins server, please set
; 'wins support = yes'
   wins support = no

; If you want Samba to use an existing wins server,
; please uncomment the following line and replace
; the dummy with the wins server's ip number.
;   wins server =

; Do you wan't samba to act as a logon-server for
; your windows 95/98 clients, so uncomment the
; following:
;   logon script =%U.bat
;   domain logons = yes
;   domain master = yes
; [netlogon]
;   path = /netlogon

   comment = Heimatverzeichnis
   browseable = no
   read only = no
   create mode = 0750

; The following share gives all users access to the Server's CD drive,
; assuming it is mounted under /cd. To enable this share, please remove
; the semicolons before the lines
; [cdrom]
;   comment = Linux CD-ROM
;   path = /cd
;   read only = yes
;   locking = no

   comment = All Printers
   browseable = no
   printable = yes
   public = no
   read only = yes
   create mode = 0700
   directory = /tmp

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