%G and %g

Vandal vandal at dybbuk.de
Wed Aug 30 11:55:57 GMT 2000

I am using an NT PDC for Authentication
I also keep disabled Unix Account with the same Name Certain group (abacus)
for all users allowed to access the share

in the share i have a default path with a help file explaining that the User
is not setup on the linux machine and that the person needs to contact the
sys admin

i also have an include = /etc/smb.conf.%G

and i have a file called smb.conf.abacus in /etc

interstingly ... it does not work with %g

eventhough using %g displays the correct data when useded in comment on
it is not replaced by the proper group and it sais instead %g (not abacus)
on nt 4.0 and win2k

since its working with %G things should be fine

but oddly it only works now and then on NT machines
actually i most does not work

is this a bug?

or may there just be something funky going on in my special case

Lukas Smith

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