Failed to set gid privileges

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Aug 30 08:15:00 GMT 2000

[Justin Slootsky <slootsky at>]
> I run Debian Linux, and I had Samba running.  I just upgraded to
> version 2.2 of Debian, which included an upgrade to version 2.0.7-3.
> Now I'm getting the following messages anytime a connection is
> attempted, and then I get a message that "This device does not exist
> on the network"

See .  Eloy writes:

| I am sorry about this. The problem is that you are running a 2.0.x
| kernel and the Debian version of Samba was compiled in a system
| running 2.2.x kernels and therefore is dependant on these kernels (or
| above) to run.
| If you upgrade your kernel the problem will go away, and I am working
| on alternative solutions.


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