Beginner question: share a printer in Windows98

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Aug 30 07:51:55 GMT 2000

[oo cc <oo_cc at>]
> I have a samba in my RedHat and want the Linux to use a printer in
> another pc of windows98, I tried to configure that following "using
> samba", I created a file 'printcap', 'smbprint', '.configure', what
> else I should do to print?

Ask your vendor.  Because it depends on your flavor of print subsystem,
and whether your vendor has done any of the legwork to get an SMB print
client working.  I don't know where Red Hat stands on any of this,
although I understand Mandrake has a gooey tool that does at least some
of the work for you (for whatever that's worth).  Debian Linux, as a
parallel example, has three print subsystems to choose from (BSD,
lprng, cups) and each must be configured differently for SMB printing.

> Can I do all this from SWAT?

I very much doubt it.


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