kernel oplocks

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Aug 29 13:02:06 GMT 2000

Wolfgang Kretzschmar wrote:
> If I install the samba binaries (2.0.6) that come with Red Hat 6.2
> (linux kernel 2.2.14) kernel oplocks are set to "Yes" (not "On" or
> "Off")

Red Hat has shipped broken configuration files in the past.

> If I compile the samba sources from 2.0.7 on the same machine during
> configure some test programs regarding kernel oplocks are compiled,
> and all fail. In acconfig.h this line is generated:

Linux does not surrently support oplocks, so you are correct.

> Obviously the man page of smb.conf is wrong.

I'll check on it.

> But are there any UNIXs besides IRIX that support kernel oplocks ?

No.  There is support Linux in the works.  Patches exist
but it has not been integrated into the kernel.

Cheers, jerry
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