Making a share visible only to members of a group

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Aug 29 12:30:30 GMT 2000

Onno wrote:
| I want a shared directory to be visible only to the members of a 
| group, and to no one else. Instead, a shared directory is either 
| visible to everyone (browseable=yes) or to no-one (browseable=no). 
| When a non-authorised user enters the shared directory, she gets 
| an error message. That's good. But since the user cannot use the 
| share anyway, I want her not to see the share in the list.

	You'll have to speak to Microsoft about changing thge
	protocol to do that (;-))

	Seriously, though, you can group the shares you want
	visible by server, and tell all the people in sales,
	for example, to use the SALES server.  
	for an example of how to do this from a single copy of Samba]

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