kernel oplocks

Wolfgang Kretzschmar Wolfgang_Kretzschmar at
Tue Aug 29 06:43:28 GMT 2000

I am a little bit confused about the kernel support for oplocks.

man page of smb.conf:

For UNIXs that support kernel based oplocks (currently only IRIX but
hopefully also Linux and FreeBSD soon) this parameter allows the use
of them to be turned on or off. 

This parameter defaults to "On" on systems that have the support, and
"off" on systems that don't. You should never need to touch this

The date of the man page ist 23 Oct 1998

If I install the samba binaries (2.0.6) that come with Red Hat 6.2
(linux kernel 2.2.14) kernel oplocks are set to "Yes" (not "On" or

If I compile the samba sources from 2.0.7 on the same machine during
configure some test programs regarding kernel oplocks are compiled,
and all fail. In acconfig.h this line is generated:


So I assume that my Linux box does not support kernel oplocks.

When I run the just compiled samba and dump the configuration with
testparm kernel oplocks are nevertheless set to "yes".

I also compiled Samba 2.0.7 on UnixWare 7. The same line is generated
in acconfig.h, but even here kernel oplocks are set to "yes". 

Obviously the man page of smb.conf is wrong.

But are there any UNIXs besides IRIX that support kernel oplocks ?

Wolfgang Kretzschmar

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