Making a share visible only to members of a group

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Tue Aug 29 06:58:27 GMT 2000


> I want a shared directory to be visible only to the members of a group, and
> to no one else. Instead, a shared directory is either visible to everyone

I tried to realize this by using include like: #include smb.conf.%G
But it did not work correctly. Sometimes the share was visible,
sometimes it wasnt,
and if it was visible, network path wasnt found afterwards.

> I have worked as a programmer, and I think it would be a small effort to
> create a smb.conf statement like:
>      browseable-by-group = @groupname
> or:
>      browseable = @groupname
> or:
>      browseable = valid users
> to make sure only members of a certain group see the share listed. 

Which is a nice idea. I would prefer this solution to includes. At least
should work both.

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