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Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Aug 28 21:30:08 GMT 2000

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Onno Zweers wrote:

> Windows NT server (IMHO). I would like to help to program this option, but 
> I have no experience in programming for Linux environments, except for some 
> super simple shell scripts.
> Is it difficult to start programming for Linux/Samba, for someone with 

Not really. The basic tools of the programming environment is pretty
standardized (gcc, gnu make, gnu binutils) and are normally installed when
installing the linux dist. That is not the same as saying that your
problem is easy to solve.

The samba source already come with a complete build system. You don't even
have to know how to write a makefile to start experimenting.

Take an editor, attack source/smbd/server.c and modify the startup
message. Build & install, test & see that your message appears in the log.
Then start looking for where in the code the bits you are interested in
can be found. No point in trying to understand it all ... it's simply too

lp_browseable shows all places where someone is using the 'browseable'
parameter (lp = load parameter(?), see param/loadparm.c)
	% cd samba-2.0.7/source
	% grep lp_browseable `find . -name '*.c'`
<... list of files that use this ...>

How to build is described in docs/textdocs/UNIX_INSTALL.txt. If you
already have an rpm version installed you may want to uninstall that to
avoid confusion.

> Windows programming experience? What is the best start for such an
> undertaking?

Having fun? Seriously, doing something that interests you/fixing something
that annoys you is a great start.

I stumbled on this. Short, readable intro to unix programming.


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