Anyone using Forté Agent on a Samba share?

Andrea Borgia bab0069 at
Mon Aug 28 19:32:29 GMT 2000


My problem is this: my mail and newsreader, Forté Agent, runs ok when
the server is NT but has the annoying habit of systematically trashing
its databases if the server is Samba. But not always...

If the client is 98, no problems at all. If the client is NT, then
Agent will work ok if you set "nt smb support" to "no". With this
setting, a client running 98 will fail to see any subdir on that
share, even though they are still able to cd into them. Not good.

If you leave "nt smb support" setting to its default, as soon as Agent
touches any of its databases it is gone, becomes empty.

This has been happening for the last couple of releases of Samba,
from 1.6 to 1.8 of Agent and sp 4 to 6 of NT.

I even submitted a bug report (PR#20075) but never heard anything
back. Please note that I still don't know whether the fault lies with
Samba or Agent: on one hand, if the server runs NT all is well (as
opposed to when the server runs Samba), on the other hand, Agent is a
userland application and should not care whether the userlying OS (NT
or 98) is talking with Samba or another MS system. I will also contact
Forté tech support (I'm a registered user).

Thanks for any help, input, moral support, you name it...

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