National characters in user name

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Aug 28 18:43:17 GMT 2000

Claus Tondering wrote:
> I'm using Samba version 2.0.7 under Linux.
> I believe the following is a bug in Samba's handling of character
> sets:
> In the function reply_sesssetup_and_X() in the file smbd/reply.c, the
> following happens:
>   - The user name is converted from a DOS code page to a UNIX
>     character set using dos_to_unix(user,True).
>   - The UNIX version of the user name is then converted to lower case
>     using strlower(user).
> But, as far as I can see, strlower() uses the DOS mapping between
> upper and lower case, not the UNIX mapping.
> In other words, a DOS code page table is used to map UNIX (ISO-8859)
> characters to lower case.
> Isn't this wrong?

Yes, this is indeed a bug. I will fix it in the source


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