Error messages being sent to console

Glen Lee Edwards glen at
Mon Aug 28 16:15:12 GMT 2000

I'm new to Samba and networking, and am running RH 6.1, Samba Version
2.0.7 on my home PC and using it as a LAN gateway for 2 Win95 boxes.  
Samba is printing error messages directly to the screen.  It tends to
favor the Pine program, overwriting whatever is on the console even if I'm
reading from a different virtual console (see next 2 paragraphs for

If you have a fax machine (or can sign up for eFAX {}) I can
send you a couple of examples that I did to help clear it up in my simple
mind.  If you don't have a fax, then sign up for efax.  It's free for the
basic service and will forward to your email addr.

smb_get_length: recv error = 5essing folder.  Session now Read-Only.]
smb_request: result -5, setting invalid   - PrevPage D Delete     R Reply
smb_retry: new pid=14236, generation=4  Spc NextPage U Undelete   F
<end example> 

Is there some way to stop this?  I'd prefer that error message be sent
only to the Samba log.  I don't want to read them from my mail program.


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