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Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Mon Aug 28 14:03:35 GMT 2000


Don't know how this one got on samba-docs but I am 
forwarding it to the main samba list.  Thanks.

Cheers, jerry

Rob Malpass wrote:
> So your Linux box can see your Windows machine but Windows can't see your Linux box ?
> If this is caused by upgrading to 2.0.6 I can't offer much help.   Sounds like you've done the obvious things e.g.
> 1) ping Windows from Linux
> 2) ping Linux from Windows
> And you've not changed your configuration files smb.conf, lmhosts and hosts.   I've recnetly upgraded to 2.0.7 and found my Windows box couldn't see my Linux box anymore.  Turned out I had to rework the "shares" making sure they had the right permissions.
> Lastly, suggest this sort of post goes to the newsgroups rather than the documentation mailing list.
> Cheers
> Rob
> At 17:06 26/08/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >I have recently upgraded my Samba to version 2.0.6.  However, my Win98
> >PC can no longer connect to the server.  The Samba server on my Linux
> >box seems to be working just fine.  The network is working Ok (ping,
> >telnet, and Xterm are working from the Win98 Pc to the Server running
> >Samba).  One thing to note, the ipx_configure that comes with Red Hat
> >6.2 does not seem to work.  I keep getting an invalid socket argument
> >error.  I have disabled IPX on my Linux server.  I don't think I need
> >it, do I?
> >
> >On the Server Side...
> >That is smbclient can connect to the shares,
> >testparm does not complain about my old smb.conf file,
> >nmblookup -B Server __SAMBA__  returns __SAMBA__<00>,
> >nmblookup -B Win98_PC '*' returns *<00>,
> >nmblookup -d 2 '*' returns
> >Got a positive name query response from ( )
> >Got a positive name query response from ( )
> > *<00>
> > *<00>
> >smbclient '\\Server\tmp' returns ok
> >
> >On the client Win98 PC
> >net view \\Server
> >Error 51:  The specified computer is not receiving requests.  Make sure
> >you are specifying the computer name correctly, or try again later when
> >the remote computer is available.
> >
> >I have previously set the Registry entry to "EnablePlainTextword to 1"
> >and have verified that it is still set on the Win98 PC.
> >
> >Please, any suggestions or advice would be helpful.
> >
> >thanks.
> >
> >
> >

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