smbsh - Samba 2.0.7 - Solaris 2.6? Thanks!

Kurt G. Stam Kurt at
Sat Aug 26 15:06:07 GMT 2000

Hi Oka,

It worked! All works fine in the tcsh.



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  Hi Oka,
  I'm using a csh. I haven't tried other shells.
  I will when I'm back home tonight! 
  Maybe I should just install bash. Do you like it a lot better?
My favorite shell is tcsh, and that's the shell that worked for me.
sh DIDN"T do it for me. and, I didn't use bash. My mistake, I use sh. 
Try tcsh

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    Hi Stam,

    Which shell are you using? 
    I was root and using bash, and it's doing to me what it's doing to you. 
    Then I use my favorite shell, tcsh, then, when I do a cd /smb/server/dir , then I do an ls, it actually show me the contents of the directory, and pwd returns the correct directory

    So, my suggestion, obviously, is to try different shells, because they might be implemented different ways that samba didn't anticipate.

    Hope that helps



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      Hi, I just compiled samba (with gcc) on my sparc with the -smbwrapper option. So far I'm just using the simple smb.conf file. When I log on to the smbsh I'm able to 'ls' through all the shares; ls /smb gives me all the members in the workgroup. Also 'cp' to or from the shares works just fine, however 'cd /smb/<server>/<shared directory>' will just put me in the root (/) directory and not in the shared directory. I thought 'cd' was supposed to work. 
      Anyone any pointers? All other stuff seems to work just fine! 

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