win2000 plaintext password

Jon Mitchell jrm at
Fri Aug 25 15:34:23 GMT 2000

This is probably an FAQ, but my looking into the issue was unproductive.  
When connecting to a samba share from a win2000 professional machine, I
get prompted for a password.  Security is set to user on the samba
machine.  I reenter the same password as the local user that I login as,
and then it accepts it.

I'm not using encrypted passwords, but I have added the PlainTextPassword
registry setting to the win2000 machine.  Even when I have drives mapped
upon login, the first drive always asks me to enter the password even
though it's the same as the user's password.  Is there anyway to fix this?

Jon Mitchell
Systems Engineer, Subject Wills & Company
jrm at

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