What features does SWAT support? (maybe bug)

rbnemo at bayan.pinoycentral.com rbnemo at bayan.pinoycentral.com
Fri Aug 25 00:10:57 GMT 2000

SWAT is 100% syntactically correct and support almost all options in smb.conf,
except for comments.

I've been using SWAT and quite happy but nothing can replace editing smb.conf
directly using a text editor.


We're running Samba 2.0.6 on AIX

Is there a home page for SWAT or somewhere else that I can look to see
what smb.conf parameters SWAT supports?
I prefer editing the smb.conf file with vi, but some of the administrators
here like to use SWAT.  A while back, I put an include line into the
smb.conf file to get around differences between our WinNT and Win95/98
machines.  A couple days ago, one of my colleagues used SWAT to make some
changes, and apparently it removed the include line in the same way it
removes comments.  This was a bad thing.
I'd like to find out if there's other parameters this might happen with.
Has anyone had similar experiences?  If you have, do you know of a way to
get around it besides not using the said parameters?

Adam Miller
adam at sab.wels.net

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