Problem with Samba-windows98

David Gunnarsson davgun at
Thu Aug 24 17:02:00 GMT 2000

Hi all

I have a linux(susse) running samba and am trying to connect from windows98.
I have no problem seeing the linux computer in the network neigbourhood.
I can also see the folders shared from it.

When Im accessing a folder I get prompted for password (my login on
windows98 is the same as for linux). But it doesnt accept the password "Bad

When I log in from other windows98 computers in the network I have the same
problem and all other users also have it.
BUT, when I log in from a NT 4 or windows95 computers I have no problem
accessing the linux computer running Samba.

Am I missing some settings or isnt Samba compatible with windows98?!?

If somebody have had the same problem and solved it please send me the

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