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Thu Aug 24 08:33:55 GMT 2000

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Date:   Wed, 23 Aug 2000 15:17:28 +0200

This sounds like you have a network problem.

First thing you should try is to use FTP from your NT boxes to
the Unix system. See if you get similiar performance. This will
eliminate Samba as the cause of the problem. Next I would try
NT to NT Ftp to eliminate the server as the cause of the problem.
If the NT to NT Ftp is OK then I would suggest you try changing
the Server's network card. (Also change the switch port of the Server
and also the patch cable too). See if this fixes things. If you get bad
on the NT to NT copy, it is most likely your switch causing problems.
It could be one of many things, stuffed switch or switch/Lan card
What Network cards are you using? I alwasy say if all else fails try a
they tend to always work where others fail.

Anyway, hope this helps.


From: Peter Pilsl <pilsl at>
To: samba at
Subject: network extremely slow


I run a samba-server with 15nt-clients on a 100MBit-Switch.  Now I
faced extremely poor performance and really have no idea why. I even
dont know if it can be a samba-problem.

When copying myriads of small file from a client to the server or vice
versa I get bad performance:
1000 files a 16kb: ~80seconds = 200kb/second

But this is highspeed compared to copying from nt to nt:
1000 files a 16kb: ~18 minutes (sic!!) = 14kb/second !!

When copying big files (132MB) I get better performance (~3MB/sec,
which still could be much better).

I know this is some kind of question: 'my car dont work. why ?', but
maybe someone could give me some hint to hunt this problem down. If
the clients (all clones) are the problem, why is server->nt and
nt->server so much faster than nt->nt ?

can it be a sambaproblem at all ?
logfiles dont tell anything unusual.

any advice appreatiated,




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