chmod(2) and utime(2) Problems

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Wed Aug 23 19:55:51 GMT 2000


On Wed, 23 Aug 2000 11:38:20 +0100, B.V.Dean wrote:

>        inherit permissions = Yes

>In the shares there are directories mode 2755 owner root, group 
>variable depending on authors for the content.

You want get what normally is intended from this with "inherit 
permissions = yes" with an unpatched 2.0.7, believe me. :-)

The SGID-bit (02000) will not be set when creating subdirectorys 
through Samba. So if you insist on using "inherit permissions = yes" 
you will at least have to use "force group = ...".

>When user fred tries to drag-n-drop an updated file into ukc, it only 
>works if the owner is fred. If the owner is barney, the drag-n-drog 
>(windows explorer) fails with "Access Denied: The Source file may be 
>in use"!


>If you do the following:
>Delete target file: Allowed as we have group write acccess
>Copy new file: Allowed as we can write new files (group write access)
>Change modes/times: Allowed as we now own the file.

>The only way we can see round this, is to use "force user", which 
>allows all access to files to anyone! Not helpful :-)

As far as I understand the whole story, everyone can rewrite every 
file by deleting and re-creating it. So "force user" won't do any more 
harm, would it?

>Has anyone any ideas?

Different shares?

>If only chmod(2) and utime(2) were less secure :-)

>SAMBA needs to implement the "Allow DOS archive but and access times 
>to be modified so long as I have write access, even if it is not my 
>file" semantics.

This could perhaps implemented as some sort of extension to the 
"delete readonly" feature.


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