Win95/98 login

Bullock, John T jtbulloc at
Wed Aug 23 19:25:34 GMT 2000

I know this one has probably been discussed to death, but the search engines
are down.

I have a user on a Win95/8 machine with a userid lets say user1.
They have an account on a samba server with a different user id, say user2.

the user has no ability to modify account id's and both are required, user1
attaches to a bunch of
MS related junk which can't be removed.   the id, user2, is maintained by a
different group all together.

Q. How can i get user1 connected to their samba shares as user2 on win9X?

I'm looking for a "connect as" like function that windows NT has.

Thanks for your help in advance.
John Bullock

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