network extremely slow

Peter Pilsl pilsl at
Wed Aug 23 13:17:28 GMT 2000


I run a samba-server with 15nt-clients on a 100MBit-Switch.  Now I
faced extremely poor performance and really have no idea why. I even
dont know if it can be a samba-problem.

When copying myriads of small file from a client to the server or vice
versa I get bad performance:
1000 files a 16kb: ~80seconds = 200kb/second

But this is highspeed compared to copying from nt to nt:
1000 files a 16kb: ~18 minutes (sic!!) = 14kb/second !!

When copying big files (132MB) I get better performance (~3MB/sec,
which still could be much better).

I know this is some kind of question: 'my car dont work. why ?', but
maybe someone could give me some hint to hunt this problem down. If
the clients (all clones) are the problem, why is server->nt and
nt->server so much faster than nt->nt ?

can it be a sambaproblem at all ?
logfiles dont tell anything unusual.

any advice appreatiated,


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