[OT but please read] ORBS blacklisting ns1.samba.org

David Ford david at kalifornia.com
Tue Aug 22 03:14:54 GMT 2000

I didn't say ORBS spammer list, I said blacklist.  It's their heavy
handed way of blacklisting an entire netblock for any number of reasons,
intentionally including hosts that test clean.

It isn't a 'mail admin mistake'.  ORBS groups all hosts, bad or good in
spammer havens as  You can't distinguish bad hosts from good
hosts in that block unless they are also registered elsewhere.

People will stop blaming ORBS when ORBS stops their
everybody-is-guilty-by-association-or-geography approach.


Peter Samuelson wrote:

> [David Ford <david at kalifornia.com>]
> > Some lists and emails are distributed via ns1.samba.org.  For those
> > of you that use ORBS, you'll find it is blacklisted now. There is no
> > mention of it on the website and it doesn't return a positive when
> > you enter it for testing but it has slipped into the ORBS blacklist
> > somewhere.
> Check your facts.  ns1 isn't in "the ORBS blacklist" -- it's listed in
> a different category.  If you as a mail admin confuse the two it's not
> ORBS's fault.  From their web site:
>   Spam source and haven netblocks also get listed if our attention is
>   repeatedly drawn to them - the easiest way to do this is for those
>   netblocks to start filling ORBS spamtraps.  These return a
>   A RR code.
> ns1 is in this category.  Thus it does NOT mean that ns1 is an open
> relay -- it means that their upstream contains spamhausen.
> So, all you mail admins out there -- check your setups!  If you only
> want to reject known open relays, set your MTAs to only look for ORBS
> responses of and and mean
> *other things*.  If you don't wish to block those other things,
> *don't*.  It's a flexible system, and I wish people would stop blaming
> ORBS for random mail admin mistakes.
> Peter

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