Can I mount and use printers ...

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Aug 21 17:36:40 GMT 2000

[Allen Arumainayagam <aarumainayagam at>]
> Using SAMBA can I mount Windows/NT Drives and Windows Printers onto
> my Linux box. I am running NT 4.0 and SuSe Linux 6.4.

Samba does not let you mount drives.  It *does* let you have access to
printers, using smbclient.  The usual way to integrate this with lprng
or BSD lpd is to use the "if=" field in your printcap file to point to
a script that invokes smbclient properly.

If you want to mount Windoze drives on your computer, you will need
`smbmount', which although distributed with Samba is not part of it.

It's all in the documentation, including an example script for lpd, so
have fun.


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