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Mon Aug 21 14:21:40 GMT 2000

[Steve Snyder <swsnyder at>]
> When I attempted to build Samba (v2.0.7) on a LynxOS (v3.1) box I was
> told that configure could determine my operating system.
> LynxOS, for those that don't know, is a Unix-like RTOS.  It comes
> with a binary version of Samba, but a) it's old and b) it's not built
> for encrypted passwords which means I can't access it from WinNT.

I've successfully built Samba 2.07 under LynxOS 3.0.1.  Start with
./configure --host i386-lynx-lynxos

Unfortunately, it's not quite as simple as that, since changes in LynxOS
LynxOS and Samba mean that configure doesn't identify everything correctly,
If you've got enough programming experience you can take it the rest of the
Alternatively, e-mail me off the list, and I'll try and generate the correct
patch file
and send it to you.  It works successfully with encryption enabled on NT

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