Access Denied

Vern W Heesch vheesch at
Sun Aug 20 03:41:47 GMT 2000

I am getting access denied errors when trying to copy or move files from
win98 to linux. I cannot figure this out. I have done the following:

Vern1 is name of linux machine
Vern2 is name of win98 machine
logging on to win98 as nobody

I can copy and move files from linux to win98, but not the other way

What I am trying to do is to be able to access all the drives and
printers on linux from win98 using nobody.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm stumped!

My next question would to access win98 drives and printer from
linux? Can it somehow be added to file manager, similar to windows?

This is just for my home pc's so security is not a concern.

Thank you, thank you!!!!

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