Samba vs Solaris PC-Netlink

Gary Algier gaa at
Fri Aug 18 22:12:08 GMT 2000

Does anyone have any idea how Solaris PC-Netlink compares to Samba?

It seems to support ACLs (does Samba?)

Also, how do they both do on the subject of being a domain controller?

What I am looking for is ACL support (I am getting tired of making every
possible combination of groups to deal with user needs).

I also want LDAP support whereby changing the passwd from an NT system
changes both the unix (crypt) passwd and the NT (obfuscated) passwd.

Even better if running "passwd" on a Unix NIS client would
change both using the Solaris Extensions for Directory Server.  The
latter I should be able to hack together by starting with a free
yppasswdd implementation.

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