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Dan Kappus dk at
Fri Aug 18 20:47:44 GMT 2000


I've been trying to make Samba do what I want it to do,
and mostly, it does. This is with the precompiled
and debianized (Debian Linux) binaries of Samba
2.0.7 .

I have but one problem with samba.

In this company, we have an NT domain called 
transecure. The new samba server is not the PDC
of the domain, but is supposed to be a member.
Thus, I put in smb.conf

workgroup = TRANSECURE
pasword server = ROBIN
security = DOMAIN

I successfully added the server to the domain--
people who are authenticated vis a vis ROBIN
are authenticated on the samba server.

smbpasswd -j  [or similar-- can't remember just now]

The problem is that when one pops open a browse list,
the machine does not appear under the domain/workgroup
"Transecure," but under one called "Workgroup."

To top things off, I've removed and re added the
machine to the domain several times to no avail.
When the machine was not in the workgroup, I
changed the line workgroup = to

workgroup = SILLINESS

and the machine continued to be a part of workgroup!

Each time I made a change, I restarted both nmbd and
smbd. Also, I've run testparms, and everything seems
to be set as intended there.

What am I missing? What should I do to fix this?

Dan Kappus, System Administrator
SquareTrade, Inc.

p.s. follow ups can be put to me directly:
the reply-to address is set

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