Compiling Samba for LynxOS?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Fri Aug 18 04:54:51 GMT 2000

[Steve Snyder <swsnyder at>]
> When I attempted to build Samba (v2.0.7) on a LynxOS (v3.1) box I was
> told that configure could determine my operating system.
> LynxOS, for those that don't know, is a Unix-like RTOS.  It comes
> with a binary version of Samba, but a) it's old and b) it's not built
> for encrypted passwords which means I can't access it from WinNT.

Well, someone managed to build it, at one time.  Possibly whoever did
the build had to modify the source.  In which case you can compare the
modified source with a pristine source from, and try to
make similar changes to 2.0.7.

If you don't feel competent to do this sort of patching, send me a diff
of the two source trees (`diff -urN pristine-dir modified-dir') and I
can take a look.

If you do not have the original source tree, demand it from whoever
gave you the binary.  You have that right, as Samba is under the GPL.


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