smbprint strange problems

Vasileios Zografos vzograf at
Thu Aug 17 16:48:06 GMT 2000

Hello people,
ok just a small problem I have with my samba settings.
I have a RH 6.0 file/printer server that is connected to some Windoze 98 
machines and a couple of Macs. The linux machine also has one printer on its 
local port lpt1. Ok...I have set up everything and currently I can print 
from the Windozes and the Mac to the printer that is localy connected on the 
Linux server.
What I want to do is print from the Linux server to a printer that is localy 
connected to one Windoze 98 client.
I have setup an entry to the /etc/printcap like this:

        :cm=Epson color printer on Prodigal via smbprint

and also setup a .conifg file in the spool directory and setup the smbprint 
file with my correct settings for my smbclient file and pretty much 
everything I can imagine (passwords, access rights) you name it I have done 
it. for the problems.... when I try to print something from the linux 
machine.....via lpr it spools but it gives me a message:
warning no deamon present. I can see that lpd is running but I dont 
I can manually print a file from the linux to the windoze by typing 
smbclient \\\\blahblah\\epson -P and issuing the command print <filename> 
and everything is ok.
What am I missing to do this automaticaly? I mean smbclient isnt that pretty 
much what the smbprint script does??

Can anyone help?
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