Linux and Win98

Steve Fosdick steve.fosdick at
Thu Aug 17 09:13:37 GMT 2000

Vern W Heesch wrote:

> I have a linux machine and a Win98 machine connected thru a hub and am
> trying to find out what is needed to set up peer to peer networking
> between them. Is samba the solution for this situation?
> I am new to linux, so any help you can give me would be appreciated.
> Thank you.

Samba implements the SMB application level protocol which windows
machines typically use for file and printer sharing.  The main part of
samba is concerned with making files and printers on a Unix or unix-like
system (including Linux) available to windows clients.  There are also a
couple of components that enable unix systems to use files and printers
from a windows server - the first is smbclient which has an FTP like
interface and works on any unix system, the second is the smbfs
filesystem module and accompanying smbmount program which are Linux
specific and allow a remote windows server to be treated like a normal
unix filesystem (just like NFS).

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