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John Pascuzzi johnp at
Thu Aug 17 02:46:49 GMT 2000

Hello, forgive me if I am writing to the wrong peopl, but since the mail 
archives are down, and I have scoured the net maybe you can point me in the 
right direction.

I am using samba 2.0.7 in a production environment, using samba as a domain 
controller for about 100 nt4 workstations.  A problem I had earlier was 
that when I went into User Manager for Domains, on an nt workstation, to 
add the local user of a workstation as an Administrator of his own machine, 
I would only see a few users.  By trial and error, I found that I had to 
have all my user names in the smbpasswd file first, and then all the 
machine names after the user names.  I could not have them mixed up, seems 
once a machine name is found in the smbpasswd file, it would not show any 
more users.
The problem that just happened now is this:
Now when I go into User Manager for Domains, on a workstation, and choose 
"add" I don't see any users at all, and it tells me the "The tag is invalid"
The only thing I've found on the web (on Microsoft's site) is that they say 
that means that another PDC is on the network, and that I should tell samba 
that it is not the pdc, and then I can use my microsoft pdc.  I do not have 
a microsoft pdc, only the samba server, which is the only thing I want to 
be the pdc.  Any reason why this is happening?  It has been running fine 
for months, I have changed a few things in the smbpasswd file, but that is 
all I can think of.  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome, and thank you 
for an awesome product and alternative to microsoft NT server.  I run 5 
printers, 20 Macs, 100 nt workstations, it's been great so far.
-- John
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