How does one change a passwd with Samba

Medi Montaseri medi at
Wed Aug 16 02:57:16 GMT 2000

How does a Window's user change thier password on a Unix based 
Samba server. I know they can login to the unix box and use smbpasswd(8).
But these users are MS Windows users and I hate to have to explain what
a command prompt looks like.

Unfortunately I don't know enough Windows. Is there such a client
feature built into the Windows, how do they do it against a PDC?

If no solution is available, can someone modify smbpasswd(8) to
operate in a non-interactive mode, so that I can call it from a
programming environment for a CGI application.

Or can someone point out a library that I can use. I might write
a Perl package around it.

This is too basic, I'm sure someone has solve this....

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